Welcome to the Animal Therapy Center

The Animal Therapy Center staff is dedicated to promoting overall wellness,

improving longevity, and enhancing quality of life for your animal companions.


Canine Rehabilitation

Has your dog lost the ability to run, jump and play? We seek to restore normal movement to dogs with mobility problems. Whether your dog has an injury, arthritis, neurological dysfunction, hip dysplasia, age related deterioration, is overweight, or is recovering from recent surgery, our team of rehabilitative therapists will help to revitalize your furry family members.

Let us help condition your sport or working dog for maximum performance using our pool and gymnasium for a canine workout, or bring your active family companions to enjoy swimming for our weekend fun and fitness swim program.

Integrative Medicine

Are you seeking an alternative method of healing for your four-footed family member? We offer a number of options for integrative, or alternative, medicine.  Arthritis, allergies, endocrine problems, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, seizures, asthma, eye problems, auto-immune disorders, pancreatitis and cancer are just some of the health issues that can be addressed with an integrative healthcare approach. We utilize acupuncture, herbal therapy, homotoxicology, kinesiology, nutrition, and nutraceuticals to better our companion animals’ lives. Stop by our integrative medicine section to find out if any of these therapies will be beneficial to your pet.