Our therapy center includes a large 20′ x 50′ gymnasium with low impact flooring, an outdoor grassy field, aquatics room, and three examination rooms.





The gym contains equipment for therapeutic exercise including cavaletti rails, physioballs and discs, two climbing ramps with stairs, two chutes, balance challenge equipment, and proprioception tools. The gymnasium is equipped with a room divider, allowing us to transform the space into two separate exercise rooms if needed to accommodate our patients.



Aquatics Room


Our aquatics room houses an in-ground heated (88 degrees year-round) therapy pool (10′ x 17 , 4 ½ feet deep) with room for swimming laps, circles and against jets.  Our custom-built ramp provides easy access for dogs large and small that are experiencing difficulty walking, as no steps need be negotiated.




Two Ferno AquaPaws underwater treadmills allow us to exercise dogs in a reduced weight bearing environment on flat, uphill and downhill surfaces at speeds from 0.3 to 5 miles per hour.  Jets in the pool and treadmills can provide resistance for an increased intensity workout, or a relaxing whirlpool-type massage.

Water Maintenance

Our aquatic therapy facilities represent cutting edge technology in the veterinary world. Our unique therapy pool, a joint effort between Arrow Master Pools and the Animal Therapy Center, utilizes the latest in modern pool water sanitation devices.

The two underwater treadmills and pool share the same water source, which is continuously filtered and re-circulated to ensure a safe, sanitary and comfortable environment. We use multiple surface skimmers equipped with pre-filters which are cleaned on a daily basis. Three pre-filters catch loose animal hair and floating debris before it can reach the main, large capacity (450 square feet,) cartridge filter.

The water is continuously sanitized by a large bromine feeder. Bromine is a better sanitizer than chlorine or non-halogen methods, functioning across a broad spectrum of water conditions while providing a more comfortable environment for pool users, as bromine is less irritating to the eyes than chlorine. Augmenting the main sanitizer is a UV sanitation system that is also continuously treating the water.  The UVC polychromatic light bulb in this system can quickly sterilize (preventing growth) or kill viruses, bacteria, algae and water-borne molds.  For additional comfort, the water has been treated with borate salts, which create a soothing silky feeling to the skin, akin to a spa experience. For sensitive pets, the aquatics room also houses a convenient shower system just in case one of our patients needs a quick bath after leaving the pool or treadmill.

Medical Boarding Wing

Our medical boarding wing features 3 intimate rooms featuring stainless steel cages and runs. Our all inclusive boarding allows your pet to recover under the care and supervision of a licensed veterinarian and medical staff. The Animal Therapy Staff only boards animals undergoing rehabilitative treatment at our center.

Exam Rooms

Our three treatment rooms feature cushioned beds for your pet as well as comfortable seating for you, a quiet environment and soothing music for laser, massage, acupuncture, Reiki, and other consultations and treatments.  An open floor plan without any stairs along with convenient parking caters to dogs with limited mobility. Don’t forget to utilize our reserved parking spots for handicapped pets!