VRN Omega

Dasuquin joint supplements are excellent sources for joint health.

Omega Benefits fish oil is a fatty acid supplement vital to everyday health, strong muscles and healthy joints which also supports dry, flaky skin and seasonal skin allergies.

Ask at your next therapy visit if your pet would benefit from these supplements!




Walk About Harness

We carry Help ‘Em Up and Walk About harnesses in all sizes to help pets with mobility issues – and more importantly to help their owners! When you purchase a harness from the ATC we will customize its fit to your pet to ensure proper placement and fit.



PeanutsYoga Mat


We also carry exercise equipment for you to continue your pet’s therapeutic treatments at home. Exercise peanuts, yoga mats, and other equipment can keep your pet fit and on track with his or her rehabilitation plan away from the ATC!



Pawz Dogs

Pawz Boots are also available at the ATC to help pets who have trouble getting around on slippery surfaces. For dogs with hind end weakness, back issues, and abnormal gaits, the rubbery texture of Pawz can help gain traction for easier mobility!



Toe GripsToe Grips Dog



Toe Grips are another similar mobility assistance option that can be worn for longer periods of time than Pawz boots as they do not constrict and cover the entire paw. Toe Grips stay on until they either fall off or a nail trim is needed!


Please call for pricing information on products we carry. Additional information available upon request. Any devices that are worn for therapeutic assistance, such as harnesses, boots, etc., should only be worn when in use and not when the pet is idle. Supplements must be prescribed by a staff veterinarian before dispensing.