Senior Pet Tune Up

When a senior pet seems reluctant to go on walks, climb stairs or jump into the car, Gable,Tyra 042115many owners feel the dog is simply “getting old.”  While older dogs often suffer from arthritis, rear leg weakness and neurological dysfunction that can lead to reduced exercise ability, decreased function is not inevitable. Geriatric pets can be supported in the normal aging process through rehabilitation techniques that reduce pain, restore mobility, improve fitness and greatly enhance quality of life.

Some of our most successful patients are aged dogs who discover a new lease on life through rehab. Aging pets need to keep moving to prevent decline. We stress pain relief, core fitness, and gentle exercise, often in the non-weight bearing environment of water. Our multimodality sessions are individualized for each patient and incorporate a combination of therapies to best suit your pet’s needs. A home exercise plan that fits both your and your pet’s lifestyle is the final important component.

We welcome your senior dog to come for a consultation. Following your initial appointment you may choose to continue with regular sessions or use our advice to develop your own home program. Please call (610) 865-4348 for an appointment.